Sample Mystery Scenarios

Joy and John invite you to their wedding . . .

Joy wants her second wedding to be different. Because it takes a community to make a marriage, she wants her guests to bring and share what is meaningful to them: a favorite song, CD, quotation, poem, art. Sing, dance, make your own music, or wear a memorable outfit during the informal reception leading up to the big moment when Joy and John say "I do."

Greet these members of the wedding party before murder intrudes:

Joy Bond promised to obey until death do us part at her first wedding. This time she?s writing her own vows and hoping everyone’s participation will build community. Is she naive in believing the important people in her life will get to know each other on a deeper level?

John Doe trusts Joy to handle the ceremony and relationships. A quiet thinker from a dysfunctional family, he defers to her veto of traditional customs, including the bachelor party Paul had planned. Can his kowtowing strategy keep the peace?

Judge and Grace Bond, Joy's parents, have been happily married forever. She's a stay-at-home mom devoted to home and family. He's a man of his word, known for advocating tougher divorce laws. He gave Joy away once and refuses to do so again.

Dick and Dawn Doe, John's divorced parents, haven't communicated in years and perhaps never will. She claims she's never met a man she couldn't make. He likes a challenge, but keeps his distance. Is it too late to develop the relationship he wants with John and Jane?

Jane Doe, John's sister, knows all the answers but doesn't get the questions. Unlike her mom, she has no luck with men. Is her biological clock in overdrive? She whines, "How can a wedding be successful when the bride refuses to commit and no one knows what to wear?"

Paul, John's lifelong friend, skates near the edge. Failing to see what John sees in Joy or why she said No to his bachelor party plans, he?s hoping for an early escape. Will Jane once again try to corner him? Can he have fun at this wedding?

Faith, gorgeous maid of honor at Joy's first wedding, knows all the family secrets and has a few of her own. Although she always has a new man in tow, is she tired of being a bridesmaid and never the bride?

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