Sample Mystery Scenarios

Pet Projects

Everyone who’s anyone is expected to grease the community wheels by attending PET’s 10th annual fundraiser. “Boring” (off-the-record) says Jule Galore, who is too new to the community to understand how it works. When one of its ‘movers and shakers’ is done in by another, the party comes alive and the community comes together to uncover motives and identify the murderer. Whodunit and why?

Con Powers: PET (Planning Effectively for Tomorrow) Director and Founder lives well off his foundation and hopes to expand its programs, with a little help from Will.

Will and Cris Estate: Old money from his side of the family enables this retiring couple to make a difference in the community. Appreciating the good life, Cris has been a faithful life partner, but do she and Will share a common vision for their golden years?

Harper Prey: President of Liberty University promises Will naming rights to anything on campus. Is he here to support PET or to woo Will and other potential donors to Liberty?

Rev. Robin Monet has made Shiloh Church of God the community's top spiritual institution. Its Outreach Programs include a charter school, which has proven the viability of church-related schools from pre-school through high school. Rumors of a college may stem from Aimee's ambition.

Aimee Fire: Shiloh's Charter School Superintendent is proud of the school's growth and national reputation. Will she bring a date to this year's fundraiser, or is she still pining for Con?

Livinia Past: This vibrant fundraiser has supported Con from the beginning, but rumor has it that this is her last party. Is Jule ousting her for being over the hill? What new cause will engage this fun-loving widow?

Jule Galore: PET's newly arrived Program Development Director, pushing hard to make fundraising fun, promises golf outings and murder mystery parties. Some question whether she knows the territory.


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