Sample Mystery Scenarios

Intrigue in High Places

You're invited to the gala opening of Riverview Office Condominiums and Rooftop Restaurant.

Your $50 contribution will benefit the local American Disease Society. Everyone who's anyone will be there, including these major community players:

Mickey and Minnie Mayer He's the mayor of a thriving Midwest metropolis; she's a flamboyant political wife, backing him for governor.

Edward and Lucy Gentry He's the dynamic President of Mid-Ohio University. She has surprising plans once their divorce is final.

Helen Wheels Idealistic Foreign PR Director for Mid-Ohio University. Does Mid-Ohio need public relations in foreign countries? Ask Edward.

King Trump Real estate mogul, developer of Riverview, boasts his works will stand the test of time ... but how well?

Kathryn LeMouthe Outspoken conservative philanthropist condemns the zoning variance that allowed Riverview to add two extra floors.

Happy Harry Hannigan City Council President and leader of the opposition party, he owns Riverview Rooftop Restaurant (convenient, eh?).

Barbara Walton Major network news anchor, single but rumored to be very close to the mayor.


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