Sample Mystery Scenarios

Perfect Partners Celebration Party

, the Ms. Manners of matchmakers and glitzy owner of Perfect Partners, has invited select members to a party honoring alumni couples who married this year. Everyone is shocked when police barge in to announce beautiful Lisa Long won't be joining the party ... or any earthly event. A detective insists on interrogating Irma and these Perfect Partners members:

Daniel and Debbie Daily Recently married entrepreneurs, he drives a Porsche, she a pink Cadillac.

Mick Moby Lisa's last match, a charismatic former rock star, now bills himself as an entertainment consultant.

Hortense Holmes A hard driving lawyer, she has more court than social dates.

Curt Cower A left-brain accountant, he's angry about matches who just want to be friends.

Pam Peters A high school teacher, whose biological clock is sending alarms, wants a man who can communicate.

Peter Pane This successful psychologist has all the answers, but can't find the right relationship.

Angie This classy entertainer, who regards her body as an artform, loves murder mysteries and men.


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