Sample Mystery Scenarios

A Star Affair

Gloria Star Still, creator of Star Affairs, is giving a party to raise money for our schools, a worthy cause she expects everyone to support. The school levy failure will force severe cutbacks unless money is raised in new ways. She persuaded Fred Wreckit to donate a car for raffle, and prominent singles donated date packages. Although she promises a good time for all, don't be surprised when murder intrudes.

Keep an eye on these suspects:

Mr. and Mrs. Cosmo Ethereal This worldly school superintendent drives a silver Porsche, but no longer keeps the troops in line. Rumor has it Mrs. Cosmo resents the demands on his time, especially the evening meetings and sports events.

Fred Wreckit and his date, Nadia The world's #1 singing car dealer usually rents his dates, but seems permanently attached to Nadia, who wants to develop a high school drill team with the money raised tonight.

Philip Noys This prickly high school band director supposedly told Nadia, "Over my dead body." His band wants money for new uniforms and rights to perform current hits.

Priscilla "Prissy" Butts the former athletic director, recruited by Cosmo to meet EEO requirements, now coaches women's sports and the cheerleading squad. She claims first dibs on the money raised and usually gets her way with Cosmo.

Jock Star Some say Cosmo appointed him as athletic director so that he could pay child support to ex-wife Gloria. His duties are vague.

Irma Peabody This high school English teacher and advisor for the newspaper and yearbook insists academic pursuits should be funded before money is wasted on sweaty contact sports and peacock parades.


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