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I've organized and reviewed here a number of books and booklets on the MBTI, Myers Briggs and Personality Type for those who would like to expand their understanding of the MBTI assessment, other assessments of Personality Type or explore some applications . . . plus I've also included some recommended resources for professionals who would like to apply these concepts to their work situation or their professional practices. Many of these print publications are also available in a digita or e-reader format for kindle's and other e-readers.

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Quick Links to Books on the MBTI, Myers-Briggs & Personality Type

Introductory Myers Briggs & MBTI Texts

The 16 Personality TypesThe 16 Personality Types, Descriptions for Self-Discovery.

I like this booklet by Nardi and Berens. About 50 pages, reasonable price, and an easy read for the person wishing to better understand his or her personality type . . . and the overall concepts surrounding Personality Types. [Ordering Info Here]

Life Keys: Discover Who You AreLifeKeys: Discover Who You Are

Sandra Hirsch and Jane Kise have developed an introduction to MBTI ®Personality Types that is integrated with a spiritual message and applications especially relevant to the Christian and faith-based Communities. [Ordering Info Here]

LifeKeys Leadership Resource Notebook: Discovering Who You Are, Why You're Here, and What You Do Best (Lifekeys). A Companion Leader's Guide for Christian and Faith-based Study Groups. [Ordering Info Here]

Gifts Differing - Myers-Briggs Personality TypeGifts Differing: Understanding Personality Type. Isabel Myers

The original book, by the creator of the MBTI, that explains the Myers & Briggs personality types typology and celebrates the diversity of personality types. While other books and booklets are possibly a better intro for the "type newbie," I look on this book as a required reference on Personality Type . . . as it was completed near the end of Isabel's life and thus contains the summation of a lifetime exploring differences in personality types. [Ordering Info Here]

Type TalkType Talk: The 16 Personality Types That Determine How We Live, Love, and Work. Otto Kroeger

Otto and Janet's classic remains an important introductory and reader-friendly book on personality type. Kroeger is one of the most influential MBTI communicators and interpreters of Myers work. [Ordering Info Here]

Roger Pearman The real meaning of the 16 personality types
"I'm Not Crazy, I'm Just Not You: The Real Meaning of the Sixteen Personality Types
" By Roger Pearman

While not strictly an introductory book, it is an easy read for the lay person with an interest in learning about Personality Types and applying it to every day situations at home or work. Roger Pearman is one of the giants in the field of teaching practical applications of the MBTI & Myer's Personality Type. [Ordering Info Here]

Lenore Thomson Personality Type an Owner's Manual
"Personality Type: An Owner's Manual" by Lenore Thomson

A layman's guide to understanding Personality Type and the theory of Psychological Types originally proposed by C. G. Jung. Lenore Thomson was formerly the former editor of the Jungian Journal Quadrant and a lecturer with the C.G. Jung Foundation in New York City. [Ordering Info Here]

Personality Type Applications to Work, Career & Relationships

Do What You AreDo What You Are : Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type--Revised and Updated Edition Featuring E-careers for the 21st Century

Very popular and durable career book, based on MBTI Personality Types, by Paul and Barbara Barron Tieger. It has been updated for newly emerging careers. Useful for self-study or as an aid to career counseling professionals. [Ordering Info Here]

What's Your Type of Career?What's Your Type of Career?: Unlock the Secrets of Your Personality to Find Your Perfect Career Path

A career planning book by Psychologist Donna Dunning, based on Myers Briggs Personality Type, that both mid-life career changers and new workforce entrants have found quite helpful. [Ordering Info Here]

Guide to the 16 Personality Types and Career MasteryQuick Guide to the 16 Personality Types and Career Mastery: Living with Purpose and Working Effectively

Charles Martin has been writing about Personality Type for many years and is well recognized in this field. His new book on careers won't tell you what kinds of careers are best for your Personality Type - but rather it is a general, but very practical, guide to career planning and career management that takes into account the differences due to personality. [Ordering Info Here]

Type Talk at Work

Type Talk at Work (Revised): How the 16 Personality Types Determine Your Success on the Job

Otto Kroeger was a close friend and associate of Isabel Myers and was a very popular speaker and educator on applying and understanding of Personality Type to our personal and working lives.

Type Talk at Work is a classic, timeless, and easy to read. Will be quite helpful to anyone wanting to improve his or her work relationships.

16 Personality Types and Teamwork

Quick Guide to the 16 Personality Types and Teams: Applying Team Essentials to Create Effective Teams - Linda Berens

Author of the popular Understanding Yourself and Others® series of books on Personality Types and Temperament, organizational consultant Linda Berens has spent over thirty years teaching professionals as well as helping individuals and teams recognize their strengths, transcend their weaknesses, and work together better. She is an internationally recognized educator in applying Personality Types and Temperament to individual and organizational development. I have several of her books and booklets in my personal library [Ordering Info Here]

You: Being More Effective in Your MBTI Type

Roger Pearman, Robert Eichinger, and Michael Lombardo are authors of this book on self-development using knowledge of the MBTI to build skills and improve relationships in both work and non-work roles. One reviewer noted its focus on ". . . team work with co-workers, developing effective communication skills with a work purpose in mind, and becoming a better workplace leader and team player, handling meetings with superiors and subordinates, conflict, goal setting, fitting in, etc." [Ordering Info Here]

Susan Cain Book on Introversion

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

Susan Cain has written a best-selling book on the barriers introverts face in a world dominated by extraversion with advice for introverts and extraverts alike for how to make best use of the skills and perspectives that introverts bring to our communities, to relationships, and the working world. This book covers only one aspect of Personaltiy Type, Introversion and Extraversion, however, this is the most widely recognized and perhaps most powerful dimension of Jung's theory of Personality Types.

Facets of Type: Activities to Develop the Type Preferences

Executive coaches, personal development coaches, and individuals interested in self-development will find this a helpful workbook.

Margaret and Gary Hartzler are veteran educators and researchers of Myers-Briggs personality type and the MBIT® instrument and are among the small corp of practitioners responsible for bringing the Type Indicator and the Myers model into mainstream psychology and human relations. [Ordering Info Here]

Using Personality Type to discover your parenting strengthsMotherstyles: Using Personality Type to Discover Your Parenting Strengths

Janet Penley has many years of experience coaching mothers and parents on incorporating personality types into our parenting styles. This book gathers together these experiences into a unique and useful guide on mothering. In the words of one reviewer "Motherstyles is different from anything else I've come across. After reading ONE PAGE I purchased it on the spot. A few more pages and I was already laughing and crying, feeling deeply affirmed as a mother and energized by the powerful truths this book contains. . . " [Ordering Info Here]

Was that really me?Was That Really Me?: How Everyday Stress Brings Out Our Hidden Personality

Even though psychologist Naomi Quenk is only a little over 5 feet tall, she is one of the giants in the field of Personality Type! One of her prime fascinations has been with the dynamics of stress and personality type. She is well known for originating a concept called "In the Grip" to describe what happens when different types can be overtaken by an "evil twin." This book is an expansion and updating of her earlier book "Besides Ourselves." [Ordering Info Here]

Personality Type Applications to Teaching and Learning

People Types & Tiger StripesPeople Types and Tiger Stripes

Gordon Lawrence's book is mandatory reading for any educator, teacher or trainer interested in using an understanding of Myers-Briggs Personality Type to improve their effectiveness. Because Lawrence practiced what he preached, this book is organized in a fashion that is easy read for "all personality types." it also does a nice job of including both introductory material on understanding Personality Types and extensive material on applications to the classroom and learning environment. It is jam packed full of useful advice. [Ordering Info Here]

Differentiated Coaching: A Framework for Helping Teachers ChangeDifferentiated Coaching: A Framework for Helping Teachers Change

This is an ideal handbook for instructional coaches and those responsible for teacher staff development. It applies the latest research and theory of personality types, multiple intelligences, experiential learning models, and mind styles models to create a differentiated approach for staff development. Jane Kise has worked with teachers and school districts helping them apply the concepts of Personality Type to enhance their teaching style and techniques. [Ordering Info Here]

Differentiated Teaching through Personality TypeDifferentiation Through Personality Types: A Framework for Instruction, Assessment, and Classroom Management

A practical guidebook for teachers - ". . . . an absolute goldmine for teachers. Each page delivers a nugget of insight, understanding and guidance . . . ." This is Jane Kise's companion to her earlier manual directed at those who coach & teach the teachers. This one is for the teaching practitioner: ". . . Every teacher—beginning, experienced, urban, suburban, rural, and private—will find examples and ideas that they can use immediately.""[Ordering Info Here]

Learning for MasteryOrganizing Classrooms for Small-Group Instruction: Learning for Mastery

Carolyn Lawrence used her understanding of Personality Types to develop a teaching method she calls "Learning Centers." These centers assist students in applying whatever is their unique learning style to the educational task at hand.


Differentiated School Leadership:Differentiated School Leadership: Effective Collaboration, Communication, and Change Through Personality Type

Jane Kise and Beth Russell have produced another winner in their series of books on applying Myers Briggs & Personality Type concepts in an educational environment. This one is an ideal resource for principals, lead teachers, school superintendents, board members, and others involved in school leadership concerns. [Learn More Here]

Other Applications of Personality Type

The 8 Colors of Fitness
The 8 Colors of Fitness - Discover your color coded fitness personality.

Suzanne Brue has created a program that customizes advice on exercise and fitness to Myers-Jung Personality Type. As in so many aspects of life, one size does not fit all; it is different strokes for different folks. This book covers an introduction to Personality Types and has chapters on exercise and fitness for each of the 16 personality types. It is a book for people wanting to improve their own fitness routines and a book I highly recommend to all physical therapists and fitness coaches & trainers.

Health Care Communication Using Personality Type: Patients are Different!

Judy Allen and Susan Brock have developed a practical handbook directed at Health Care Professionals. Using a knowledge of Personality Type differences, successful health practitioners can learn to vary the way they approach patients, more effectively break bad news and better encourage clients to follow clinical advice. [Ordering Info Here]

Dr. Kushner's Personality Type DietDr. Kushner's Personality Type Diet

This is not a book that has a sophisticated treatment of Personality Type. However because it recognizes that different folks need different strokes it offers diet tools and advise for a variety of personality types. If you've had problems following other kinds of diets, Kushner may have the kind of prescription that fits you and your type. [Ordering Info Here]

For Professionals: Counselors, Coaches, Psychologists, Educators & those who want to administer the MBTI to clients and students.

MBTI Essentials -Using the Myers-Briggs Indicator AssessmentEssentials of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment (Essentials of Psychological Assessment)

Author Psychologist Naomi Quenk is on the Board of the Myers & Briggs Foundation and eminently qualified to offer guidance to mental health practitioners who want to use the MBTI instrument in their professional practices. "This book is designed to help busy mental health practitioners quickly acquire the basic knowledge and skills they need to make optimal use of a major psychological assessment instrument." [Ordering Info Here]

Critical Reflections on MBTI theory and practiceIdeas and Evidence: Critical Reflections on MBTI Theory and Practice. Rowan Bayne, Ph.D.

Book Description: "Author Rowan Bayne evaluates and explores theory and practice in the works of the MBTI instrument. Bayne delves into a variety of type-related topics and prompts readers to examine the research personality terminology and descriptors. Discover how Myers-Briggs MBTI theory relates to critical thinking and research skills. Bayne's challenges and insights will prompt MBTI professionals to stretch and examine their understanding of the indicator."

Bayne is widely respected in the MBTI community for is knowledge of psychological instrumentation and of the MBTI in particular. [Ordering Info Here]

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Manual

MBTI Manual, 3rd edition.

The Official MBTI Users Manual by Myers, McCaulley, Quenk, and Hammer. For professionals, writers, and researchers studying or administering the instrument. [Ordering Info Here]

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Building Blocks of Personality Type

Building Blocks of Personality Type: A Guide to Discovering the Hidden Secrets of the Personality Type Code
Leona Haas & Mark Hunzicker

While there is a solid introductory section on the MBTI and the Myers-Briggs Personality Type model, Hunziker and Haas have written a book that will be best appreciated, due to its depth and breadth, by more serious students of Personality Type and by those who use Personality Type and the Myers-Briggs model in their professional practices.

Book Review: Personality Patterns: Building Blocks of Personality Type

List of Resources to learn more about
Myers Briggs, the MBTI & Personality Types

Recommended Articles for Educators & Students on the Myers Briggs & MBTI ®

A Basic Introduction to the MBTI & Myers Briggs ®

More Introduction to the Myers-Briggs MBTI Model of Personality Type

Your best fit - Profiles and Characteristics of the 16 Myers Briggs Personality Types

Your best fit - Understanding the Mental Functions & the 16 Personality Types

Type Dynamics: Interpreting the MBTI ® Personality Type Code

The Hidden Letters in the MBTI ® Personality Type Code

Some Personality Trait Correlates of the 8 MBTI preferences

Some Practical Applications of the Myers-Briggs Model

Career Planning & Career Management and the MBTI

MBTI ® Today . . . by Kathy and Peter Myers

Our Recommendations of worthwhile books on the MBTI, Myers Briggs, & Personality Type

* While sometimes referred to as the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, the Briggs Myers personality test, Myers Briggs Test or the MBTI test, the MBTI ® is not a personality test but a personality inventory or instrument in which there are no right or wrong answers.

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emotional intelligence and personality type

Introduction to Personality Type and Emotional Intelligence

Roger Pearman is one of the top educators on integrating an understanding of personality type and emotional intelligence and applying it to your everyday life and career. This is the Kindle edition.

"8 Keys to Self Leadership: From Awareness to Action"

Dario Nardi provides a handbook on self-improvement using the four mental functions and our introverted and extraverted selves as a template for self-development. I've also found the book helpful in understanding the "inner workings" of folks whose mental wiring is different from my own.

Do What You Are - Kindle Version
Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type

Type Talk at Work - Kindle EditionMost Popular
Kindle eBooks on Personality Type

Katharine and Isabel - the story of Isabel Myers and the MBTI

Katherine and Isabel: Mother's Light, Daughter's Journey

A fascinating look at the role Isabel's mother played in the creation of the MBTI and of Isabel's early education on the patterns of differences among people. How a fascinating family hobby turned into a life-long quest to explore the nature of people differences and their differing gifts.

Gifts Differing: Isabel Myers

Gifts Differing: Understanding Personality Type
- Kindle eBook -

Go Here for
Kindle eBooks on Personality Type

Neuroscience of Personaltiy

Neuroscience of Personality: Brain Savvy Insights for All Types of People

Among some people the Myers-Briggs and Carl Jung personality models gathers a cult-like following . . . and tends to be discounted as pop-culture. In this book Professor Dario Nardi provides the scientific and neurological basis of the mental processes that make up the MBTI model. Drawn from insights from his brain research lab and studies at UCLA, he explains in layperson terms the differences in how our brains work and how we can make best use of these differences.

[Ordering Info Here]