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The people and firms listed here are qualified professionals with experience in applying the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - MBTI ® - and knowledge of Personality Type to enhancing human relationships, manager/key employee coaching, facilitating personal & career growth, leadership and team building and addressing business & organizational development challenges.

 Development Consultants
applying the MBTI to organizational and individual development


Pete Mockaitis . . . Certified MBTI Practitioner

Pete Mockaitis, ENFJ, leverages his experience as a speaker, author, and former strategy consultant at Bain & Company to provide groups with energetic, customized type workshops to enhance teamwork. Contact Pete at Pete@PeteMockaitis.com or 312.927.0195. Pete travels worldwide from Chicago, IL.

Pete has several MBTI Video resources. View the Myers-Briggs MBTI Videos here
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Scott Savage: Coaching for Development
Scott Savage, M.A. ( ENFP ) has broad range experience using personality type in organizational development and individual effectiveness. His primary focus is executive coaching, leader development, team coaching, and the assessment and development of organizational culture. Contact Scott at (608)215-4254 or Scott@savagegroup.biz Madison, Wisconsin

Scott Savage presented at the 2009 conference of the International Association for Psychological Type.
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Step-Up-To-Success: workplace diversity, sales training, team building
Linda J. Burrs, ( ESTJ ), principal of Step-Up-To-Success Consulting, provides dynamic presentations and facilitation for managers and teams interested in improving sales, managing workplace diversity, customer service, organizational communication, team work, and developing the human side of enterprise. She is certified in Flex Talk and Flex Sales as well as being a qualified MBTI administrator. Contact her at 937/866-7511 or e-mail lindaburr@aol.com Dayton, Ohio

Dr. Linda J. Burrs is the author of "The Fruits of Inclusion: A Smart Business Guide to Creating a Sustainable Diversity and Inclusion Program" Click Here to Learn More About the book.
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Jeanne Marlowe & Business Theatre
Looking for a party to remember? A natural team-builder? A novel approach to conflict management? Let Jeanne Marlowe help make your next event memorable, fun, and intellectually stimulating. She can be reached at 614/476-8802 or e-mail at jamarlowe@juno.com Columbus, Ohio

Jeanne is a former Chair of the Great Lakes Region of the Association for Psychological Type. Her type preference is INFP.
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Melody Camp Group
Melody Camp, MBA, INTP and David Kleinman, Ph.D., serve as strategic consultants to organizations - providing processes, solutions, and facilitation of organizational learning and team-building. Both are alumni of the University of Chicago and have substantial hands-on business experience prior to the formation of their partnership. Contacting Melody email melody@melodycamp.com or 773-445-1717 Chicago, Illinois

Specilizing in consulting, coaching, facilitation and group dynamics.
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Konect Consulting, LLC - Executive Coaching & Training
Improving business results through better communication. Providing executive coaching, business consultation, organizational analysis, and professional support to human resource management. Contact Dr. Karen Ostrov, Ph.D. ENFP (608) 233-6225 Madison, Wisconsin
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Career Life Coaching
Dee Relyea, M. Ed. ENFP provides personal career coaching, assessments, and workshops to help individuals better realize their career potential and compete effectively in the job market.

Long distance coaching & assessment services are also available via telephone, e-mail, and interactive internet tools.



Karen S. Ostrov, Ph.D.
In addition to her management coaching and organizational consulting as principal of Konect, Karen Ostrov ENFP maintains a professional practice providing mental health services to families and individuals. She may be reached at 608/233-6225 Madison, Wisconsin

Stephanie Whiting, M.S., L.P.C., Counseling & Psychotherapy
In addition to her wellness workshops and consulting, Stephanie Misaki Whiting ENFJ is a psychotherapist. She has specialized training in assisting persons and families affected by cancer and also leads mind-body skills groups for stress reduction and for people with chronic illnesses. Contact her at swhiting48@gmail.com


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Personality Type Consultants in Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, and Hawaii

One source of practitioners trained and certified to use the MBTI, including official online versions, is the MBTI Master Practitioner Referral Network.
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Gifts Differing: Isabel Myers

Gifts Differing: Understanding Personality Type
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"8 Keys to Self Leadership: From Awareness to Action"

Dario Nardi provides a handbook on self-improvement using the four mental functions and our introverted and extraverted selves as a template for self-development. I've also found the book helpful in understanding the "inner workings" of folks whose mental wiring is different from my own.

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