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Looking for a party to remember?
A natural team-builder?
A novel approach to conflict management?
  • Murder mystery parties provide quality interaction with minimal preparation.
  • Sending out intriguing invitations builds anticipation, especially when they indicate who is playing the various roles.
  • Guests or employees can play the roles with no rehearsal and less than an hour to learn their individual one-page scripts. Because they know only their own point of view, only the murderer knows "whodunit."
  • Clues are given to everyone to ensure full participation in determining the murderer, the motive and the method.


Valuable teamwork
Everyone sees the need to fit together individual perspectives to reach a solution. They experience the way individual stories can polarize and prevent understanding of other viewpoints. They learn what promotes and what hinders expression of different views and why working together gets better results. Teams can present their solutions creatively--sing, dance, reenact--or state only the facts: murderer, motive and method.

Flexible time requirements
Most clients prefer one to three hours, including time for a meal or refreshments. Some mysteries continue over several evenings and may dovetail with training during the day. For an Ohio Department of Education retreat, Jeanne presented daytime Myers-Briggs workshops; during evening meals participants applied this knowledge of personality styles to create a community and catch the one who poisoned a school principal.

Variable locations
Any place that provides privacy and free movement will work--homes, restaurants, parks.

Large or small groups--8 to 300
Groups larger than 300 can work well if they can be divided. After seeing what appeared to be their president's kidnapping, 600 Columbus State Community College employees divided into six groups in separate rooms before reuniting for the solution and celebration.

Custom scripts
Zero in on what's happening in your organization in a humorous way. It doesn't have to be murder. Anyone can play a role; role-players can play themselves or fictitious characters. They receive short easy-to-follow scripts, each giving only the character's point of view. As characters gossip and participants ask questions, knowledge of the mystery expands. The most common scenario spotlights key managers as suspects: for example, Bank One's vice-presidents jockeyed for position after one killed their president during their annual meeting. Spouses may also be suspects: the wife of Arthur Andersen's managing partner poisoned his cigar because she disliked hosting annual business parties in their home. The mystery may be a tribute to a community icon, either present or absent. Employees of Wendy's advertising agency reminisced about Dave Thomas at their holiday party. A Yellowstone County Council on Aging fundraiser featured multiple motives for doing away with "Major" Dan while honoring his 48-year radio career and 50th wedding anniversary.

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Jeanne Marlowe, M.A. INFP
Consultant, Writer and Facilitator

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personality type in workshops

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All Occasions

Jeanne Marlowe, M.A. in modern literature, founded MURDER FOR ALL OCCASIONS in 1987 as a fun, engaging way for people to get to know each other.

Her scripts give participants only their individual points of view in an unrehearsed mystery. Seeing the team-building potential, businesses began requesting scripts for their employee functions.

When lawyers, bankers, and accountants wanted to play themselves and kill the boss, she turned their desire to tell their personal stories into humorous scenarios exploring the different ways we make sense of our experience and the impact of our limited human perspectives.

Extensive experience designing and conducting interactive parties and workshops. Qualified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and other psychological instruments. Author of numerous articles on type and relationships, including "Presenting Type Dynamically" in the Journal of Psychological Type.

Let Jeanne help make your next event memorable, fun, and intellectually stimulating.

She can be reached at
614/476-8802  or
e-mail at

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