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The Association for Psychological Type
This is the international professional organization founded by Isabel Myers and her associates in 1979. APT members seek to extend the development, research, and applications and ethical use of the MBTI ® and related theories of psychological type.

MBTI, Personality Type Training & Programs
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2020 Conference - July 23 - 26 Chicago, Illinois (more info to come later)

Australian Association for Psychological Type, Inc.
The Australian Association for Psychological Type exists to promote knowledge and use of personality type in Australian society, in particular, for professional users of type. AusAPT publishes a periodical, the Australian Psychological Type Review; supports the Psychological Type Research Unit; and holds biennial National Conferences.

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October 16 -18th

Center for Applications of Psychological Type
CAPT is a non-profit organization established by Isabel Myers and Dr. Mary McCaulley in 1975 to promote a more accurate understanding of Jung's theory and Myers' work. Its primary services are educational resources, consultation, research and training. CAPT has an extensive library of reference material to support scholarly endeavors and is a major resource and proponent of using type in educational settings.

Training and Workshops
MBTI Certification

Type for Kids
This website provides information on using the Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children® (MMTIC®) is a self-report assessment developed to measure children's psychological type preferences. This instrument is a companion to the well-known Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) instrument The two instruments share the same theoretical approach to understanding personality types, but the MBTI assessment is intended for a mature audience, while the shorter, easier-to-read MMTIC instrument is designed to assess personality type in children and teenagers.

Psychometrics Canada
Psychometrics Canada Ltd. provides training in, consulting for, distribution, and scoring of psychometric assessments and is the authorized Canadian distributor of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® (MBTI ®) and an number of other career and organizational development assessments. These assessments are available in both French and English through their online platform, CareerID.com, as well as in traditional paper/pencil format.

Differentiated Consulting Associates
DCA was founded by Jane Kise, Ed. D. to further the work of helping educators meet the needs of every student in their classrooms, whether adults or children. Along with associates, Dr. Beth Russell and Dr. Carol Schumate, she publishes books and presents workshops to assist professional educators in applying insights from the MBTI ® and Personality Type to the teaching environment.

Founded by Roger Pearman, Qualifying.org offers internet based study modules as part of its comprehensive licensed and approved qualifying training programs. These include the Myers Briggs Type Indicator ®, the Strong Interest Inventory ®, the MBTI ® Masterclass, and other tools and consulting processes used in team building, executive coaching, counseling, and other human and organizational intervention strategies.

Rebel Eagle Productions
Rebel Eagle Productions, founded by Danielle Poirier, designs and produces training materials to inspire and teach: individuals seeking self-understanding; teams willing to celebrate diversity and meet the complex challenges it presents; people creating work and living places that thrive on human differences.

Type Resources
Type Resources conducts qualifying workshops for the Majors Type Indicator, provides a variety of applications-oriented workshops for professionals using personality type, and is a resource for a large variety of publications and educational aids for type and organizational development.

MBTI ® Type Today
Edited by Katharine D. Myers and Peter B. Myers, this site offers online education and resources on Myers-Briggs personality type and applications to a wide variety of human and social concerns.

Typology Central
This is an Internet forum with dialogue about typology related topics. Formed in 2007, the site has over 70,000 threads and 20,000 members. It has a video library organized by typology subject area and personality type, a wiki which includes text and video content about personality type, and a large forum area with over 70,000 threads of member discussions covering a broad set of areas such as jungian cognitive functions, Enneagram, Socionics, typology and psychology book reviews, relationships, philosophy and spirituality, academics, careers, and celebrity personality types. The site has a collection of personality tests available on the home page and further tests/assessments in the forum threads. Members can also have their own personal blogs.

Myers & Briggs Foundation
This is a non-profit educational foundation created by the Myers family. It is devoted to supporting the ethical and accurate use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® instrument.

The Natural Personality Institute (NPI)
Certification, workshops and continuing education programs for counselors, therapists, and clinical psychologists who want to develop skill and knowledge in adapting temperment and MBTI psychological type models to the psychotherapeutic healing process.

Steve Myers
Steve Myers originator of Team Technology, has opened a new site of interesting articles on personality type and a range of social and political ideas.

Here's an interesting international site on personality type and temperamant from across the big lake in the Netherlands. There are a number of english language pages as well.

CPP, Inc.
Exclusive publisher of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® and other versions of the MBTI ® instrument. Also publishes the Strong Interest Inventory and other personality and psychological assessments.

Interstrength Associates
Provides organizational consulting, training for type practitioners as well as books and training materials. They offer a variety of public and in-house workshops that provide MBTI ® Master Practitioner Program Continuing Education as well as certification in the Interstrenth ® Method for Coaching, Counseling, Leadership Development, Team Development, and Facilitation. The Interstrength ® Method Certification Trainings are offered in the United States, Australia, and England.

Hallows Handscapes Research
An ongoing research project inspired by Liz Hallows to incorporate scientific research in the fields of neurobiology and psychology into the modern theories of hand analysis as a tool for understanding the mental attitudes and functions that determine human psychological preferences.

Type Makes a Difference
The first web site exclusively for professional personality type practitioners interesting in enhancing their professional skills by applying the 8 dominant function-attitude orientations and type development. Workshops, training and coaching exercise notebooks, type dynamics instruments, and regular articles.

High Performing Systems, Inc
Founded in 1984 by Dick Thompson, HPS has provided consulting, coaching and training for people and organizations around the world. Clients are Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and a diverse group of public, private and international firms. They offer services and programs on the MBTI ® and other personality assessment instruments . . . as well as team-building and leadership interventions.

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