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Our Return Canoe Trip to Wabakimi Park and the Kopka River happened in the first week in September, 2002. Fewer bugs than in June and July plus our busy summer schedule argued for the later trip. As I had torn my ACL in February, the additional rehab time didn't hurt either.

The bargain I struck with Jo to get her to return was reversing our route and only going as far as the bottom of the last of the Mink Falls. This way we avoided the "hairy" portages of the previous summer and because of the shorter canoe route would have more time to explore and relax, I had figured once at our base camp, I may have had a chance to talk her into a day trip up the "portage from hell" to that beautiful little mountain lake in between the four Mink Falls. That didn't work, but I get ahead of the story.

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