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See Ontario Park's Explorer Guide to Wabakimi Park
Wabakimi Wilderness Provincial Park
is located about 240 kilometers north of Thunder Bay, Ontario. It covers an area larger than the Quetico-Boundary Waters canoe area and is more remote as no roads intersect the park. It can only be reached by plane or by traveling a day or more of hard paddling from outside of the park's boundaries. There is one other method of gaining access to Wabakimi - and it is the one Jo and I chose because it sounded neat! The Canadian National Railway (running coast to coast) happens to bisect the southern end of the park. We discovered through our outfitter that we could purchase a train ticket for us, our backpacks and our canoe and board the train at Armstrong, Ontario and then be let off within the Provincial Park at any point along the train route.

Although our trip started at the edge of Wabakimi, our chosen route actually took us south through an adjacent park called the Kopka River Provincial Park.

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Click Here for more on this trip and other canoeing opportunities in Wabakimi Wilderness Park and nearby Ontario canoeing rivers and lakes.

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