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Workshop - Using An Understanding of Personality Type to Improve Interpersonal Relationships

Thursday Evening, February 10, 2011
5:15 pm - Registration Opens
5:30 pm - Networking/hors d'oeuvres
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm - Program

In the Eye of the Beholder:
Projection and Perception & the 16 Types

Guest Presenter: Danielle Poirier
Creator of
The Magnificent 16, a multi-media educational tool on Personality Type; Internationally recognized Author & Consultant

Community Room, Vitense Golfland & Green Tree Grill
5501 Schroeder Road, Madison, WI
(Directions Below)

In the Eye of the Beholder: Projection and Perception in Relating to the Other

Whether the “other” is a work mate, a soul mate, or a stranger from a strange land, our psychological hardwiring guarantees that they will serve as a projection screen for the things that remain unknown and unlived in our psyche.

Using The Magnificient 16 DVD educational tool, Danielle will review the phenomena of psychological projections as it relates to personality type and how we can learn to best manage them.

Participants in this Workshop will learn:

  • A model that explains the typological tango (a dance of opposites).

  • Stories that illustrate projections and help you help the protagonists reel them in.

  • And practice the four steps to the successful integration of differences.

  • How to apply these ideas to personal, professional and inter-cultural relationships.

  • Different ways to use the Magnificent 16 DVD in coaching and teambuilding situations

Who will benefit from this Workshop?

- Professional Practitioners who use Personality Type in their practices

- MBTI® Adminstrators seeking Continuing Education Credits (CEU)

- Students and Lay Persons who enjoy learning about Personality Type

- Spouses, mature children and friends of MBTI ® aficionados

Workshop Fees:

Guests/General Public - $45
APTi/MAPT members - $35
Enrolled Students or Seniors (Age 62 & up) - $30

Fees include a modest selection of beverages & complimentary hors d'oeuvres*; additional food and beverages available, for purchase, onsite at the Vitense Golfland Green Tree Grill (just across the hallway from the Community Room) See the Green Tree Grill Menu

*For some this may suffice for dinner; others may want to supplement their fare at the Green Tree Grill

Note: If you notice the details, you'll realize this program is history! We are keeping the page active to acquaint people with Danielle and the types of programs offered by the Madison Association for Personality Type.



Early registration is encouraged as we have limited seating. Go Here for Registration Materials.

bullet RSVP Notice - Ross@PersonalityPathways.com
Drop me a note if you plan to attend . . . particularly if you expect there might be some delay in sending your registration payment or you want to pay-at-the-door. I can make sure to reserve a space you.

Last Minute Registration: If we have space, we'll be happy to accomodate you. You'll need to arrive early at 5:00 pm to register and call either Ross (608-437-5069) or Scott (608-215-4254) in advance to reserve your spot.

Directions to Vitense Golfland/Green Tree Grill,
5501 Schroeder Road, Madison, WI

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The Magnificent 16™

A multi-media CD featuring a joyfully polygamous collage of people, music, text, images, dancing violinists and belly dancing assistants who come together to consider and celebrate the issues of personality and differences in the workplace.

>>> Follow this link to learn more about this ground-breaking educational and training tool that is helping people understand and apply personality type to their careers and living styles.



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