A Conversation with Katharine Myers
on Type and Temperament

Jeanne Marlowe, M.A. INFP


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What do I think of Keirsey? With great respect for his work, intellect, and passion that we allow and encourage others to be themselves. With delight in his impish nature. When we were together at an event, I would try to find myself next to him at dinner. We laughed and talked and argued. We had a ritual. I would say, "David, I have just one question."


"How if you don't believe in Jungian functions, do you get from 4 temperaments to 16 types?"

He would make some smart ass non-response. We would laugh and go on with our conversation. Our primary difference was that he thought the Sorter should be made available through a book. I believed there should be a person-to-person interpretation with opportunity for questions and verification. Then there was always the difference of opinion concerning the importance of establishing reliability and validity. Isabel was so horrified when he told us, after "Please Understand Me" came out, that he had just made up the questions because the publisher wanted them to help sell the book. She wanted to set up to do the work of validation and reliability because the book was reaching so many people. We managed to persuade her that this would divert too much energy from her own work. At the back of my mind is the possibility that this was David playing the imp.

I found an interesting footnote in MBTI history when going through Isabel's papers. It was a slip of paper entitled "The first ten recipients of the 1962 manual." Number 1 was Isabel's parents. Number 2 was David Keirsey. Isabel's close colleague at Educational Testing Service, David Saunders, had been a friend and professional colleague of David Keirsey, and on a trip to California visited with him. He had the new manual with him, thought David would find it interesting, and gave it to him.

- - - Katharine D. Myers, November 25, 2002

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