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Joanne's Quilts - page 2

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Marge's quilt

Quilt for sister Marge

Eileen's quilt

for sister Eileen

Ross's quilt

for "hubby" Ross

Karl's quilt

for son Karl

Brad and Sharon's quilt

for nephew Brad's

Linda's quilt

for girlfriend Linda

Julie's quilt

for cousin Julie

Nick's quilt

for grandnephew Nick

Don and Elizabeth's quilt

Picnic Quilt
for Elizabeth Schryver's wedding

Donna's quilt

For sister Donna

Nick's baby quilt

"Cheater Quilt" for Grandnephew Nick

Hakeem's baby quilt

for Grandnephew Hakeem

Jo's wall quilt

She's keeping this one for a while

Jo's guest bedroom quilt

And this one too!

Brother Dick's quilt
from pieces orginally started by his Mom

A quilted table runner for Aunt Juanie in Arkansas

More Quilts

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